How to LOGO your way to SUCCESS?

First impressions last!
The use of symbols as an effective way of communicating your words, feelings, etc. dates back to as ancient as the 15th century. You don’t need to be a Van Gogh, something that illustrates your thoughts clearly and efficiently is enough. But designing a logo for your startup or business is a job that should be dealt with utmost seriousness. Done well, a business logo design not just casts a remarkable first impression on the customer but also plays a very important role in deciding the fate of the company.

Want to know how? Keep reading…

Seizes Attention!

A strong and empowering logo grabs the attention of the onlookers with ease. As the studies have shown, the brain recognizes patterns and symbols more efficiently while the persistence of vision helps retain the impression of an image longer than plain text.

Food for thought – If you go back to your toddling days, you’ll understand this is why your teachers focused more on the visual representation of the fruits and vegetables through charts and flashcards rather than taking you directly on a spelling spree.

An Exclusive Touch

When you own a brand, you strive to make it well-known and unique. A unique logo simplifies the job for you. People recognize your brand in an instant just by looking at the logo.

What makes you think the renowned brand ‘Apple’ chose the name and a simple fruit like apple for its logo? Because it’s the first thing we learn at school and everyone knows it. You can consider referring some good graphic designing companies in your area that take account of a lot of such statistics a helps you formulate a perfect logo.

Configures Brand Consistency – And Trust Me People Love It

When you have a custom logo design, it is sure to be recognized through it among the masses of its current and potential market of customers. It not only expresses your consistency and quality but gives something people to entrust upon. Once you build up the brand loyalty through consistent quality deliveries, the logo does the marketing for the brand itself.

We all trust the quality of illustrious brands like Adidas, Nike, etc. Once we see someone wearing a track pant we like, the first thing we search for is a logo. The moment our eyes spot the logo of any such renowned brands we go buy it without giving it a second thought. That’s the power of marketing through logo!

No idea about where you could get it done for you? We are here to help!

Although there are many graphic design services companies and creative design agencies all over that may help you lay down a customized business logo design for you, we would definitely recommend the one we think is above par. Ads and URL – a graphic design services company that offers many other services for the enhancement of your website or brand has been in the show business for a long time now. It not only posses a great record in delivering timely services but has a great base of genuine appreciative clients whose businesses A&U has helped prosper.

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